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At Mountain Wellness Authority we are disrupting traditional healthcare and providing an alternative approach to whole body health and vitality.

Where Natural Healing Creates Bliss

Are you experiencing the changes in your life that you want based on the effort you are putting into your healing?

We believe that each of us is unique and has individualized healing needs, and when those needs are met, it creates optimal health and vitality. Each session is customized with offerings to support whole-body healing. We provide options for releasing cellular and energetic imbalances that are contributing to your pain and emotional discord. When you create balance and harmony in the body, you find your bliss.


Whole Body Detox Tools

Mind, Body, Spirit


Energy Healing

Are you ready to dump your pain and emotional garbage?

Essential Oils

Do you want immune support like nature intended?

“I value energy work as a fundamental contribution to my vibrant health. So when I became aware of some old patterns that were stuck in my body, causing me to react with anxiety to certain trigger situations, I had an appointment with Kris. She was able to clear the subconscious patterns very quickly, and I no longer experience anxiety. The session with the Emotion Code was powerful!”

Cathy Hawk

Founding Director of Clarity International

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